Professional Leather Repair

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Repair and restoration of leather furniture with a guarantee of quality.

 Fast restoration of leather furniture after all kinds of damages.


Any leather furniture, even with proper care, wears out over the years, there are scuff marks, small and serious damages. Sometimes it seems that it is impossible to restore the previous view. Our company will carry out a professional repair of leather furniture at home and return your goods new and decent look.


Today technologies of restoration of leather furniture considerably advanced and allow to repair almost any damages: abrasions, cracks, bulges, cuts, apertures and so on. Proper restoration of the leather of the sofa allows you to completely restore the texture of the material and the original color. But of course the repair of leather chairs and sofas is not an easy operation, you need special tools, knowledge and of course practice, so entrust the repair of a leather sofa professionals.

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Dry cleaning of leather furniture, sofas and armchairs with quality assurance. Fast cleaning of all kinds of furniture skin contamination with the use of environmentally friendly means.


Expensive, luxurious leather furniture is always a sign of prestige and wealth, as well as convenience, durability and a great combination with any style of interior.

MRT Group company is ready to perform cleaning of leather sofas, armchairs and other interior elements at a high professional level.

 The company's specialists have extensive experience in the restoration and cleaning of leather furniture from a wide variety of contamination and damage. For high-quality cleaning of leather sofas, it is necessary to use specialized tools that gently remove dirt, nourish and moisturize leather. Dry cleaning of leather furniture requires skills, equipment and individual approach to each product.

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